Murals and More

This is a little plug for a friend of mine. I’ve known Jay for a long time and we’ve been friends now for well over a decade. Before that I thought of him as my friend’s little sister’s boyfriend (who was three years behind me in high school). Consequently, I really didn’t interact with him until a later period where we realized that we had several things in common. We both played guitar, liked the Pixies, carried a “lucky” coin (for no good reason) and enjoyed a good argument.


A friendship was born and we played together briefly in a now defunct alternative/progressive folk rock band called Ebb N Flow, which only played 2 shows and somehow still managed to go through at least four bass players and not a single groupie  but I digress.


Jay’s musical gifts are considerable. By the time Ebb N Flow recorded we had lost a drummer as well as numerous bass players. This wasn’t an issue for Jay; he easily laid down a drum track, a bass track, a lead line, and a third guitar part. It then took me a ridiculous amount of takes to try and lay down my simple rhythm guitar part and vocals.


I know this will come as a surprise, but somehow Ebb N Flow managed to avoid rock stardom. Fortunately Jay has another gift aside from musical talent. Jay is an artist and I am pleased to say he is launching himself fully into an artistic commercial enterprise. That’s right if you want a mural or a portrait done. Jay is your man.


Here is a link to his Web site (which is still a work in progress) Check it out:


Jay is also a father to be and he is working on a mural for his daughter. I’ve included some work in progress photos here for your viewing pleasure. I find them interesting as they give non visual artists (like me) a little window into the artistic process.






3 responses to “Murals and More

  1. You’re too kind. I should start a blog and write about you!
    And yes, it’s hard to believe Ebb N Flow managed to avoid rock stardom, and groupies.

  2. Do you think there is such a thing as blog groupies?

    Good to hear from ya Jay! Don’t be a stranger to the Many Faces of Wayne.

  3. Hmm, blog groupies…. there’s hope for us yet!

    Great post. I like the vibe of it.

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