A Mural Update

Well apparently Jay has been very busy over the weekend. I thought I would throw this up as I am having trouble coming up with a post for this morning. This will be the last work in progress photo I post.  I do intend to post photos of the completed work when it is finished.  Very impressive so far Jay. Keep it up.img_7830I


11 responses to “A Mural Update

  1. Looks great, but why is that fish so sad !? 🙂

  2. An excellent observation. My interpretation: the girl fish rejected his romantic advances. His buddy is now looking away somewhat embarassed, which is why he is whistling.
    Anyone else got a theory? 🙂

  3. Yeah, um, you’re correct Wayne. The female fish is now interested in the frog.

  4. That’s just one possibility Jay. Authorial intentionality is now completely irrelevant and passe. The game is still on! Anyone else? Why is the fish sad?

  5. Paper Bag Princess

    No, he just realized that’s been be bamboozled by the lady fish and his own best friend!!! [Frog is a smoke screen]. Or he’s a fatalist and he knows that one day the cat on the shore is gonna call his number…

    Wow, this mural is a veritable Melrose Place.

  6. Also, I’d like to know what those bears have been getting into. They look pretty damn happy. A little too happy.

    It seems to me the girl fish is uninterested in the other fish. Look! She’s giving eyes to the rabbit and he’s giving them right back! I feel Jean-Paul, — the sad fish as I shall dub him — loves the girl fish but he also knows her love for the rabbit is futile and will lead only to her sorrow. So like all true lovers he laments her pain, even if her heart belongs to another.

    Or — he’s the only one who hasn’t had a taste of whatever those bears are buzzing on.

  7. Excellent posts! Anyone else want to play?

  8. Wow. I had no idea you could read so much into my mural. I’ll have to have you guys over and get your reaction when it’s done. I guess art should tell stories that even the artist had not intended. Look at Beatles music. They thought Paul McCartney was dead because of hidden clues!
    BTW, the bears are just baked from lying in the sun. That’s all!

  9. Once again, I feel obligated to point out that authorial intention is completely irrelevant.
    Once out there anyone is free to come up with any interpretation they see fit.
    What the creator thinks doesn’t matter. That’s just one voice in the Wilderness.

  10. sterlinglynch

    And I feel obligated to point out that authorial intention is not irrelevant, however, it is not necessarily authoritative. What the creator thinks does matter, but there is no reason to think it is always more important than any other voice in the wilderness.

  11. My intent was to cause confusion. I have succeeded.
    Oh, and the bears were into the sauce and are now passed out under a tree enjoy the sun (which I have not painted).

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