The Good the Bad and the Fugly: I Need Your Advice

Alright kids! I got a situation here that only you can help me solve. As you know, I have recently joined the ranks of Twitter. Yes, I know it came as a shock to many of you and I must confess I am still uncertain if this is whole social media networking thing is something I’m prepared to take on. So far it has been stimulating enough that I am, for the moment, giving it my full attention to see just how far I can take it. In fact, I have a link directly on my blog, which you can click to get to my Twitter page.


Why should you do this? Well, because that is the only way you can help me with my problem and I know none of you are the type to abandon a friend in need. At least I don’t think you are, so don’t disappoint me!


Here is the situation: I am looking for more ways to link my blog to my Twitter page. While I don’t expect them to be identical I think they should both have certain similarities. Sterling has suggested that a common avatar would be useful.


This brings me to my current predicament. A few years back, Jay photo-shopped a picture that I think is very appropriate given the title of my blog and Twitter page; however, I am not sure whether it would be a good choice for this particular project. As you can well imagine, this is causing my work productivity to plummet to dangerous levels and last night I lost considerable sleep worrying that my new avatar might be working against me as I attempt to climb into the stratosphere of the online social media world. What can you do about this?


 Go over to my Twitter page and have a look at the picture in question. You can zoom in on the avatar by clicking it. What do you think? Is this too weird for a standardized avatar for both sites? Too distracting? Unprofessional?


The picture itself is also a bit of break from anonymity (sort of). You’ll know why I say that when you look at it. Good or atrociously bad idea? My social networking success depends on your advice so please comment either directly on the Twitter page or here. While I welcome feedback of any kind, this one is a group project people so try to refrain from private messaging 🙂  Great thanks gang, I know you won’t let me down.


6 responses to “The Good the Bad and the Fugly: I Need Your Advice

  1. My initial reaction is funny and eye-catching. Then, I get a slight feeling of it being a little creepy. But as you say it does fit the bill. Maybe you could get Jay to do an updated photo — because you look about 12 in this one 🙂

  2. Oh! I’d switch the places of your “recent comments” widget and your “twitter” widget in your sidebar…

  3. Thanks. I didn’t even know you could do that!

  4. When I did that I was just figuring out Photoshop (and when I experiment with photo manipulation Wayne tends to be a favorite subject of mine). It was meant to be funny, but it isn’t a good picture. If you’d like Wayne I can do a more professional picture for you. Perhaps three pictures of your face with slightly different expressions to illustrate your many opinions? In black and white of course. Or perhaps Mt. Rushmore but with Wayne instead of the presidents?

  5. Paper Bag Princess

    The pic is great, but that sounds good – a Mt. Rushmore Wayne. (:

    I am the exact opposite with Twitter and my blog! I think I don’t really want to integrate them – the only reason my twitter has a real photo is because it is so separate from my blog.

  6. Thanks everyone for jumping in.

    Part of the reason I liked this pic was that it wasn’t immediately recognizable as me. Though it isn’t exactly heavily disguised either. This is the grey area I’ve been inhabiting. I am using my real name on this thing as well, but for some reason I don’t feel like using my last as well.

    I think the mount rushmore gag has kind of been done to death though.

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