Twitter Dee and Twitter Dumb

I’m still waiting for Twitter to open itself to me like a child’s origami puzzle and reveal the best way for me to utilize it.  It will happen.  I just have to give it a little time.  So far, I have learned that if you mention poker in a tweet you will attract some poker followers (many of them spambots).  Also it seems quite probable that I am not actually following Tow Waits but a Twitter impostor instead.  There is some current controversy over the dissemination of a ring tone on his Twitter page.

It occurs to me in this age of social media and personal online branding that perhaps some effort should be made by the site itself to confirm the identity of the individuals on their site.   If photo ID is provided, then perhaps an icon could be used to show this confirmation. A different icon could be used for non-confirmed identities.  This would allow anonymity but prevent outright identity theft.

Speaking of online poker I feel a similar system should be imposed there.  Right now there are many cases of minors playing on these sites.  Annette15 (she was 15 when she started) being the most famous.  Her story is often mentioned in the promotion of online poker as her bankroll was literally $0 until she won some money in a freeroll (a tourney with no entry fee).  Due partly to skill but also an incredible run of good luck she turned this into a small fortune.  The fact that she was underage at the time is never mentioned of course.  It’s worthy to note that Annette herself was also the victim of identity theft.  Though in her case, giving her ID to the site wouldn’t have prevented the theft of her ID because she trusted someone she shouldn’t have, someone who was misrepresenting themselves in a chat room.

Now admittedly you have to be suspicious of everything you read and everyone you meet online and in the real world.  There is nothing new here.  Also, some people will also always be more susceptible to getting “taken in” regardless of any precautionary measures in place.  Still, I think it would be useful if some basic measures were in place to prevent this kind of abuse.  I also think this is more crucial now then ever before because of the widespread use of the technology.  What do you think?


6 responses to “Twitter Dee and Twitter Dumb

  1. Paper Bag Princess

    I find Twitter vexing. Is it just me or is it extremely unintuitive in terms of it’s design and usability? I can’t make it make sense. hee hee – Shitter. I’ll keep plugging away though – I’m sure there is a redeeming quality in there somewhere…

  2. I’m going to give it a chance, but yeah there are many design flaws, which I guess is why tweetdeck etc. has jumped in to try to fill a void.
    I’m pretty underwhelmed with the whole social media revolution in general at the moment, but its in an early stage. The fact that Twitter is slightly broken is probably a good thing as it creates opportunities for the fixers.

  3. I’m not too vexed by it. Some one posed as Shaquille O’Neal on Twitter for some amount of time and he just got the word out and now has a substantial following. I suppose if he really wanted he could sue.

  4. Paper Bag Princess

    I’m gonna pose as someone awesome…better than Shaq.

  5. How about: The Paper Bag Princess …:)

  6. Nice one!

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