Jay’s Mural Is Complete

Congratulations Jay on a job well done! The photos of the complete work are actually too numerous to post here.  Clearly Jay was influenced by Michaelangelo and the sheer amount of characters and scenery in this mural is astounding.  Here are a couple images, which will give you a taste.  Like the Cistern Chapel in Rome, I’m sure to get a real impression of the work, you will have to experience it in person.   In the meantime this will have to do:





10 responses to “Jay’s Mural Is Complete

  1. Paper Bag Princess

    C’est magnifique!!

    Good job Jay!!

  2. sterlinglynch

    Hey! I want bigger photos, for more story telling! With the introduction of the other characters, I am sure we can really hammer out what was going on with those frogs. 🙂

  3. Bigger photos will require a space upgrade, which will cost me money. I’m considering it though. 🙂

  4. sterlinglynch

    It seems improbable to me that you’ve used your entire free space allocation with the very few photos you’ve put up. Moreover, you can reduce the size of the file, without reducing the size of the photo — although the quality will be reduced.

  5. I can’t get this working right. I’ll try to mess around with it later.

  6. Paper Bag Princess

    I didn’t realize wordpress only gave you a finite amount of photo space. B-tards! I don’t think Blogger does that.

  7. Well they give you a few gigs. I somehow have a whole ton of duplicates in “my gallery”. I’m not sure how to fix that yet. These issues are apparently less about WordPress and more about me 🙂

    Though I choose to blame Jay for sending me the pictures and Sterling for asking me to make them bigger. Fascists!

  8. Thanks Paper Bag Princess, whoever you are!
    I don’t know what the story is with the frogs, Sterling. I kind of thought it was an animation of how a frog would leap.

  9. And thanks Wayne for posting these pictures on your blog! Very kind! You’re a good man.

  10. Ooh I just noticed the pink dancing elephant! That is too fab!!

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