Our National Blood Sport

A while ago I wrote a post about Canada’s fight culture and how it is reflected in our national game.  click here  

This month’s Maclean’s magazine has an article by Jonathan Gatehouse written along the same lines. This is my favourite quote from the article:

In most sports, a rule is a rule. Only Canada’s national obsession seems to work differently. Regulations are selectively enforced, depending on the offender and the game-time circumstance. Frontier justice—hockey’s mythic cycle of revenge and retribution—isn’t just tolerated, but encouraged. Think of another sport where injuries are only euphemistically described as upper or lower body. Or one where the game’s most popular commentator can object to a star player’s on-ice antics, and be seen as “defending” the game when he declares, “I’m predicting somebody’s gonna get him, and get him good.” 

The full article is worth a read. You can check it out here. http://www2.macleans.ca/2009/05/19/our-national-blood-sport/

I’m glad this issue is rising to the surface once again in the media. 









2 responses to “Our National Blood Sport

  1. It is stupid that a player can take a stick and hit someone in the face and get a two minute penalty. Only in Canada.

  2. The 2 minute penalty isn’t always enforced either. It depends on the importance of the game, the star quality of the player, and the whims of a given ref.

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