Confessions of a Late Adopter (post by request… well by taunting really)

I am a notoriously late adopter of technology. Here is a Wayne quote, circa 1990, “The Internet will never amount to anything more than a glorified porn mag and shopping catalogue.”  Instead of using this new technology, I made do with a dial-up modem and a local BBS  for e-mail and Internet-like activities. I came around in the end, and now I spend more hours than I would care to mention on the Internet.

For years I’ve felt the same way about cell phones. “When I’m out why would I want to be reachable by phone?”  I used to say.  Well, due to a fantastic offer from the 7-11, and much prodding from Sterling and Colleen, I finally purchased one. Over night I became a texting, cell-phoning maniac.  Damn it Sterling you were right! Cell phones are actually pretty useful.

While I’m late for the party once again, I think there are certain advantages to being a late adopter.  All the kinks of the technology have already been worked out, there are plenty of resources to help you with trouble shooting, and it’s usually much cheaper to join 🙂

Any other late adopters out there?


22 responses to “Confessions of a Late Adopter (post by request… well by taunting really)

  1. I still don’t have a cellphone. I don’t like them. If I’m not at home or at work I likely don’t want to talk to you. If the need arises I can always find a pay phone.

    Which isn’t to say that there aren’t situations where I notice that a cell phone would be handy. I just hate the way a lot of people use their cell phones.

    “I’m at the bar. Where are you?”
    “I’m at the bar”
    “Oh, I see you”

    Really? You needed a cell phone for that? What happened to just making plans and showing up on time????

    • I used to feel exactly the same way Lady Rose, but you know pay phones are getting more difficult to find soon they won’t be anywhere.

      Also despite the best of intentions sometimes plans change. A cell phone allows flexibility in these circumstances. Texting is also pretty fun.

      Glad to see I’m not the only late adopter out there. Thanks for replying

  2. [smiles quietly to himself]

  3. I am a bit of a late adopter myself. I am currently cellphoneless, because I lost the charge cord for my 3 year old phone AND THEY APPARENTLY DON’T MAKE THIS MODEL ANYMORE. That is what I get for being a late adopter AND a let-my-phone-get-obsolete-er.

    I actually hate phones – landlines and cell. I detest talking on the phone, I screen calls, and I don’t return calls. I am the worst phone person ever. No one even had my cell number. But I liked having it because it made me feel secure and like I’d never have to be dependent on the kindness (and not-malevolent intentions!) of strangers if I ever stalled my car on the side of the road. And that approx. one time a month I used it, it was invaluable.

    Now I’m looking for a new cell deal (Wayne, tell me more about your’s!! 7-11 you say?) but I am seriously considering making the blackberry upgrade. As much as I hate the phone, I am addicted to email, and think I could really jump on board the texting and emailing on the go…

    Wayne, I think you should publish your new cell number here so we can all call you while you’re at work. (:

    • The 7-11 has a deal where if you buy a $100 dollars of air time you get a phone for half-price.
      Due to a combination of my own confusion and an inexeperienced clerk, I ended up paying a little more than half of the phone’s price and getting a $100 of airtime for free. He consulted a binder so I assumed he knew what he was doing. Apparently not. Score!

  4. You bought your phone at a 7-11…

  5. I did 🙂 It’s a nokia.

  6. I’m pretty resistant to technology myself. I’ve had a cellphone for over a decade now, but I refuse to get one that is anything other than a phone. It’s my opinion that the cellphone-camera constitutes the End of History: an illustration of the sad, grim fact that there’s nothing left to invent, just recombinations of existing technology.
    On another note, I rocked a four-track tape recorder for an unnecessarily long time before making the switch to digital recording.

    • Ah, the four-track! I still have mine, but I have not used it in the 21st century. I’ve only recorded three times with it total in my life. :)Thanks for dropping by Isaac.

      • Hmmm.
        My four-track died from overuse. Spectacularly so: even disconnected from any power source, the headphone jack produces an ungodlily loud hum.
        I wonder if the boxes of old tapes crying out for remixing and remastering would work on another four-track…

  7. Facebook beckons, Wayne. It’s only a matter of time.

  8. nadinethornhill

    Generally speaking, I’m a late adopter. When it comes to new technology I’m prone to attacks of fogey.

    When I first signed on with an agency, there was a months-long battle over my refusal to get a cell phone.

    AGENT: It would make things very convenient when I need to contact you right away.

    NADINE the FOGEY: You kids with your cellular telephones and texting messages! In my day, when a person wasn’t home you couldn’t talk to them and we liked that way, consarnit! Now get on with you, before you feel my cane on your backside, whippersnapper!

    In time, I acquiesce and adapt to the new ways. Despite my grumpings, I have a cell phone, a fancy iPod touch, a Nintendo Wii and I Twitter. Life as I know it continues.

    The one exception to my fogish ways is the Internet. I was “online” with Telnet in the pre-Web days of the late 80s.

  9. post fab princess

    Attacks of fogey! LOL – I’ve starting having those with alarming frequency, and now I have a diagnosis. (:

    Well, this late adopter just took a giant leap forward. I got a blackberry this weekend. OMG, my life has already changed. I can now monitor all of my work and personal email accounts just by a quick look at the hand held. AND, my trusty little flashing light tells me when a new email comes in…

    Wait a minute, did I get a new toy, or did I just am I now a full fledged indentured servant to the technocracy?? To the man?? To somebody?? Eeep.


    • Congrats on the blackberry PFP. I came really close to getting an i-phone but I couldn’t justify the $80+ /month in fees . I’m totally envious of your Internet capability 🙂 That’s pretty awesome.

  10. I’m more of an early-adopter. But you know what pisses me off? I’m early to adopt new technology, trends, etc, but I don’t have the budget or desire to swap out/upgrade my tech on a frequent basis.

    So I end up being the first on the block with an iPod, but then I also end up being the person on the block with the oldest iPod 5 years later.

    So frustrating. I WAS COOL FIRST!

    I have a cell phone, but it’s been disconnected for three months now. I really don’t miss it. I do know I’ll need to hook it back up again when the ballet hits the road for tour, but I’m not looking forward to it. Honestly, I’m either at home or at work, or out doing something with someone I’ve made advance plans with, and then it’s likely that I won’t pick up the phone anyway.

  11. I’m a late adopter (as well as a late poster). I prefer to wait until prices come down. It’s not that I think the technology is useless, I just prefer to buy the cheaper, redundant technology once it’s out dated.

    I have a cell phone but only use a pay as you go plan. I put minutes on it when I think I’ll need to be reached and then can go for months (sometimes a year) before I put minutes on it again. I truly don’t want to always be reachable. And I swear I’ll never get a blackberry unless work forces it on me. And if they do I’ll resist as much as possible.

    IPods are amazing though! I recommend you get one Wayne. Having all your music readily available to listen to when you’re on the go is worth it! And podcasts are great. I listen to the BBC and CBC more than music now (I need to discover some new music).

  12. You can upload your cd’s for your iPod. You have a good collection.

  13. My cellphone has no camera…
    (But then I have a digital SLR, a 10 megapixel point and shoot and a high def videocam)

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