Countries Shaped Like Stars Revisited

Without a doubt, the “must see” show of the 2009 Ottawa Fringe was Countries Shaped Like Stars . This play was so popular it sold out regularly during the Fringe.

I tried to see it twice but failed both times because of its popularity. During one occasion, I actually saw people running to try and catch it.  That’s even more impressive (for me anyway) than any other form of accolade could be; however, Countries Shaped like Stars also took down the Fringe 2009 award for outstanding overall production and it won top honours in the Ottawa Citizen’s top 5 critic’s picks as well.

 I was disappointed that I missed it at Fringe but I feel fortunate that I have a chance to see it again.  Those of you in Ottawa will have the same opportunity :).

What is unique about this performance is that it will be put on in a family home. I think this is fantastic and will make for a very intimate venue. Bringing theatre out of conventional spaces is ground breaking. I love when this happens. In fact, tonight I am off to the Mechanicsville Monologues at the Carleton Tavern. I am therefore very excited to be going to this house performance of a Countries Shaped Liked Stars on Saturday November 21 at 8:00 p.m.

If you’re interested in attending  as well please contact Charlie and Bridget at this e-mail address for more info.:

I am told some snacks will be provided as well.  Great theatre, good people and snacks, what better way to spend a Saturday evening?


4 responses to “Countries Shaped Like Stars Revisited

  1. I’d like to point out that Countries and it’s partner show, Inclement Weather will be playing as a double bill at the GCTC from December 2 to 5. So people can catch two great shows then!

  2. Don’t forget, “Countries Shaped Like Stars” along with “Inclement Weather” will be at the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre Dec.2-5! They will be re-vamped versions with design by Sarah Waghorn and Lynn Cox. Not to be missed.

  3. Wayne,

    Glad you’ll be able to experience the show, but (as HM and nancykenny said) “Countries” and “Inclement Weather” are both re-vamped and remounted Dec 2-5. Why not see both and compare? (it could make for a great post, is all I’m saying…)

  4. Update:
    I have just been informed that one of the actors is sick and therefore the show on Saturday has been cancelled.

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