Missed It Again!

I used to believe in fate. That everything happens for a reason. This is a view I no longer fully subscribe to; however, this Friday I had one of those evenings that went in an unexpected direction, it may not have been fate, but it felt significant and even a little bit magical.

It all began with my attempt to see Countries Shaped liked Stars at the Irving Greenberg Theatre. Those of you who have been regularly following my blog will remember that this was the same show I tried twice to see at the Ottawa Fringe, but failed both times. Then I was going to catch a performance at the home of friendly Australian couple. Unfortunately one of the actors came down with a horrible throat infection and that show had to be cancelled.  I was disappointed but knew I would have a chance to catch it at the IGT. As luck (or maybe fate) would have it, Friday night was the only night I had available to see the performance.  Realizing that it was probably general admission I decided to arrive early at 7:35 p.m. You see the majority of the plays I have seen this year have started at 8:00 p.m. Much to my dismay, Inclement Weather/Countries Shaped Like Stars started at 7:30 I was late and couldn’t get a ticket.  Total bummer.

This is where the magic began. I got a call from my favourite local poet and she invited me over to watch a video and drink some chai. Later we went to a pretty incredible photographic art/exhibition with a friend of hers.  Soon we gathered more good people and went for martinis at the Collection to celebrate a birthday of another special individual. Three of us went on to dance salsa late into the evening at another club. I was a little out of my league, as I am a salsa newbie but no one cared really. It was a fantastic evening and has inspired my first ever haiku:

Sitting on your bed

Sharing a quiet moment

Watching puppets die


10 responses to “Missed It Again!

  1. Awesome Wayne. Awesome. Sorry you missed the show but I say everything happens for a reason as well.

  2. nadinethornhill

    I love this post. That is all.

  3. This is a really sweet post. Also, as an FYI, you probably wouldn’t have seen the show no matter how early you got there because Friday was sold out on opening night. So you got a good save.

  4. post-fab princess

    Nice! What a great post.

    Incidentally, who DOESN’T enjoy watching puppets die, right?


  5. Hmmm, let’s see. Scream in rage over 40 some-odd hours of DNS problems or have an awesome night out. You win in a landslide!

  6. I love how these individuals remain unnamed, as though they had specifically requested anonymity in this post.

    I also love that you appreciate the small things. Unexpected pleasures, like a puppet falling off a staircase.

    Glad your haiku got its deserved place on the stage. Keep ’em coming!

    • Thank you for your encouragement Jessica. I had a lot of fun writing that haiku. It’s funny that it took me longer to write those three lines than it did to write the entire blog post.
      I’m really grateful my haiku made it to the stage. As Nadine would say, that was “awesomesauce!”

  7. I also file this post under, “awesome.” More, more!

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