2009: The Year in Review

January: My contract with NRCan continued. I spent a lot of time trying to avoid a colleague who was clearly a nutcase. Many of the experiences I had there (along with other government departments) have inspired the script I am currently working on.

February:  Skated the length of the entire Canal for the first and last time that year. It almost killed me painfully demonstrating how soft and doughy I had become.

March: A quiet period at work led to the creation of this blog. My supervisors seemed to be getting annoyed that I kept asking for work when they had none to give me. My blog became a lifeline to keep sane and kill the day.

I went to see Chamber Theatre Hintonburg’s performance of Arthur Miller’s A View From the Bridge at the Elmdale Tavern and met the talented and friendly  Jessica Ruano for the first time. Little did I know then, that this vibrant stranger, I met in a bar, would become a good friend by the year’s end.

Also in this month, because of Sterling’s blog, I gave up all beer that wasn’t organic for 40 days (almost) Link

April: Checked out BC scene and wrote about Playing with Death. I also joined Twitter and began Tweeting, following and being followed.

May: Work was once again very slow and so on May 27 my contract ended. I applied for EI and decided to take a few months off to pursue creative projects. Including: directing a play, writing for a friend’s online mag. and playing guitar (maybe an open mic.) Did two of the three.

June: I began reviewing theatre for  (Cult)ure Magazine at the Ottawa Fringe Festival. On day 1: Hung out with HM in person (we had communicated previously in the blogosphere) and began a series of ongoing conversations about theatre and the function of reviews and reviewers.  HM now writes about theatre too and her work can be found at (Cult)ure and the The Wellington Oracle.

Evan, the editor of the Wellington Oracle and now also Spacing Ottawa was another Fringe friend with whom I have since enjoyed many conversations about theatre, Edward Said, and how to best use technology like google docs. (usually over pints).

It was also during this festival that I met Nadine . I had no idea what was in store for me when I offered to buy this talented actress/playwright a drink at Fringe. Nadine holds the record for the fastest entry into my inner circle of friendship.

I met many others too but this section is getting a little lengthy. In short, Fringe was awesome!

July: I became an uncle again for the third time when my nephew Teo was born. He had a rough start with an infection and jaundice, but is now doing very nicely and is a very happy baby. My good friend Jay also became a father in the same month, which seems to have inspired him to create more art than when he was younger with fewer responsibilities.

Oh yeah, I got a job with the Department of Finance, so much for a Summer off.

August: I finally got a cell phone and there was much rejoicing (mainly from Sterling). I almost joined Facebook twice but didn’t much to the chagrin of the entire Facebook world.

September: Turned a year older and later on, had a memorable night of karaoke with Kelly and Nadine. A  significant chunk, of the evening; however, is more memorable to them than to me.

October: Began rehearsing for The Soldier Dreams. This play would go on to win many accolades at the Eastern Ontario Drama League festival including People’s Choice and Best Production. I had a small but challenging role playing a guy in a coma (dying). Staying in the moment for the entire play (including a half hour while the audience was taking their seats) takes a huge amount of effort. I also had a few (morphine induced) lines to deliver so I had to be very aware of where my fellow actors were in the play. It was a great experience and I feel very lucky that Chantale and Tim gave me the opportunity to exercise my long atrophied acting muscles.

November-December: Wrapped up my contract with Finance Canada, started writing a play, was introduced to salsa dancing, and I won a lottery. There will be more on that lottery win in another post.


7 responses to “2009: The Year in Review

  1. A good year! More to come!

  2. I’m impressed that you skated the length of the canal! Don’t knock your fitness level — that’s almost 8 kilometres of hard winter blading.

    Cheers to the fast-friendship 2009! This year is only the beginning…. 🙂

  3. post-fab princess

    Sounds like a great year! Although, the ‘Lent’ challenge (and my miserable failure) is one I’d rather forget. (:

  4. Hey, thanks for the shout out, Wayne! It is amazing to think that a conversation we started in June is still ongoing – and is perpetuated both online and in snippets of actual face time…and that there’s no discernible end to that conversation in sight, really…

  5. Looks like you had a good year!

    • Thanks for commenting Jay. I did have a great year. Meeting your daughter the day after she was born was definitely a highlight. Fatherhood suits you well my friend. 🙂

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