My Big Lottery Win

It’s official, I’ve won the lottery. No I won’t be chauffered around in a Rolls Royce anytime soon. In fact, this lottery has already cost me $600 and has not paid me a cent and guess what? There will be even more costs to come. You’re probably wondering how a reasonably intelligent blogger type could have fallen for, what appears to be, some kind of scam. Nothing at all sketchy here friends.

I’ve won a spot in the Ottawa Fringe Festival.  This is a festival that takes place in downtown Ottawa every June. The Fringe features short performances (less then an hour in length) for the accessible price of $10 a show +Fringe pin. What is particularly interesting about this festival, is that anyone who is willing to put up the $600 fee has a shot at getting in. The companies are chosen by lottery out of a large collection of applications (international in scope). There were many applicants this year and I was fortunate that my name was pulled from the hat.

I’ve had the directing/producing bug for awhile and this lottery win has given me the motivation to create my own company. I’ve decided to call it Current Productions. The company’s name is  a play on words of sorts:  I  believe in putting on contemporary work by living artists. In other words, work that is current and “Current” is also my last name. Combining the two seemed like a no brainer. What do you think? Kind of catchy huh? It’s certainly easy to remember.

For our inaugural show the company will be putting on Prisoner’s Dilemma by local Ottawa playwright Sterling Lynch. Sterling has had a lot going on recently. His play Tangelico (a former Ottawa Fringe show) will be performed in Phoenix Arizona in conjunction with Cube With a View written by Mare Biddle. This looks like a fantastic evening. If you’re in that part of the world, I fully recommend checking it out.

Also a dramatic reading of Sterling’s award winning Home in Time will be the theatrical feature of the Cube Gallery’s next Cube Salon (Feb. 13). This play has been described by Sterling as the sister play to Prisoner’s Dilemma. Both plays deal with similar themes in a humourous, insightful, and unexpected manner. The Cube Salons are a lot of fun, a combination of music, poetry,and theatre by local artists with complimentary munchies. They are fantastic evenings and worth checking out.

So I have a script from an award winning playwright and a spot in the Fringe. What’s next? Watch this blog for more stories about my preparations for the Fringe Festival and  my thoughts on running a brand new theatre company. This is going to be fun!


24 responses to “My Big Lottery Win

  1. Congratulations Wayne! Can’t wait for June.

  2. Thanks Evan. I can’t wait until Feb. 13!

  3. Oh, neat! Good on you.

    Question: if you don’t win the lottery, do you get your $600 back?

  4. There’s a lot of fun to be made and had! 🙂

  5. I can’t go to next week’s Salon (gutted!) but everyone else should. As Wayne says, it’s hella good times.

    And as for Fringe, well that’s ten-day, Christmas-in-June for this thespian. This IS going to be fun – fo’ shizz!

  6. Hey Wayne,
    Congrats on your spot in the fringe.

    On my blog “Fringe or Die,” I actually have performers review fringe festivals for other performers.

    There is actually a review of Ottawa up at

    It might help as you prepare to market for that city.

    Good luck and let me know if I can help in any way. I’ve performed at many of the fringes myself and through my blog I’m connected into the fringe community.

    Mr. Fringey aka Slash Coleman

  7. Welcome to the Many Faces of Wayne Slash!

    Thanks for the good wishes, the link to your blog, and the offer of help.

    I will be writing more about my Fringe show through out the coming months. I’m hoping past Fringers (not just Ottawa) will comment with any insights they might have to share.

    Where are you Fringing this year?

  8. You’re going to have so much fun! Enjoy your fringe adventure!

    • Thanks for the support Amanda. I appreciated you sharing your insights about the Calgary premier of PD. It’s encouraging to know that the show was so well received out west.

  9. Hey Wayne, love the company name! Personally, I find that to be one of the most difficult decisions to make.

    Here’s a blog post I wrote last June about producing a Fringe show. Maybe it will be helpful to you?

  10. Wayne! Congratulations on Fringe. And how exciting about your production company. Here’s to hoping your $600 is gone for good. 🙂

    That Sterling – you just never know where he’s going to pop up on the radar these days. 🙂

    • Thank you Mare. The $600 is already gone. I’m in. I just filled out my technical requirements form too. Yep Sterling is everywhere these days. Good luck with your partnership show in Phoenix. It looks likes it’s going to be amazing!

  11. Very exciting! I am very much looking forward to the fringe! I also will have to miss the Salon though I wish I was there. (Valentines & Family Day in one weekend – I cannot miss the opportunity to go out of town).

    • The Salon is going to be great. I’ll be there for sure. I’m sorry you’ll miss the chance to see what promises to be a great preview of an award winning play.

  12. “Current Productions” I love it!
    Congrats. Keep Jonathan & I posted on upcoming events. I will check in more often.

    • Thanks for dropping by Corrine! I will definitely keep you in the loop. If you would like to get updates/ alerts of new blog posts you can either follow me on Twitter or subscribe by email (top right corner of the blog). 🙂

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