A First For Me

Last night I went to the National Arts Centre to see Mrs. Dexter and her Daily. This is a play I will be reviewing later so I’ll save my comments on the play  for the review. During the post-show reception I met a stranger who saw me talking with various actors and theatre types. She asked me what my connection was to the theatre and I told her I was a theatre critic/reviewer. At this point she asked me for my full name. I told her and she responded “Oh I read you. It’s nice to meet you.” This is actually the first time this has happened and I enjoyed the experience. We ended up having a very pleasant conversation about the show.

Those of you who read my blog, will remember that I feel that “everyone in the audience is a reviewer” . It is my intent to approach my audience as a knowledgeable peer, rather than a definitive authority. My aim is to start and shape conversations about theatre and it is immensely rewarding to have  interactions with readers who will return the favour.

I’m an extravert, by this I mean not that I am particularly outgoing, but I that I get my energy from others. It is this energy which keeps me writing and it is why I particularly enjoy writing articles/reviews that I know will be read by others. Several of my reviews have received over a thousand hits. When I compare this to my MA research paper, which was read by 5 people total (and one was my mother), it is not surprising that I find writing reviews immensely more rewarding.

The moral of the story is, if you see me post-show and you read my reviews, by all means approach me and we can have a quick chat about theatre. While I might be a little evasive about my opinions on the current show, it takes me a day or so to let a play settle with me before I commit my thoughts to print,  I will enjoy the conversation and meeting you.


One response to “A First For Me

  1. Ooo…Your first taste of fame!

    Fellow fans of Wayne and his many faces, this man does not disappoint! Seize the opportunity to chat him up.

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