Another Review Done

Hey Gang!

My latest review (Mrs. Dexter and Her Daily)  is up at (Cult)ure magazine.  There is also a great conversation about this show happening over at Movement. It’s worth checking out even if you haven’t seen the play. I have added some comments there as well. I think Sterling is correct to criticize Glass for taking a very simplistic examination of these characters. Yet, I feel many in the audience/community will see themselves reflected in the play and that will result in them enjoying the show despite its structural failings.

As an aside, I had to endure the inane ramblings of a middle aged couple throughout the show. Every third line was repeated out loud, questions about the action were asked, and the pair conducted themselves as if they were in front of their TV at home. Maybe I  should have spoken up and told them to be quiet. Sometimes that is more distracting than the original distraction. I did my best to ignore the talkers. This in the end was not the best solution as the chatting was grating on me and definitely hampered my enjoyment of the show. I’m sure everyone in their vicinity suffered as well. What would you have done in my place?


8 responses to “Another Review Done

  1. A silent finger to the lips after catching their eyes is the best. Failing that, I would try and fart in their general direction.


    • Welcome to the Many Faces of Wayne Mike and thanks for your comment. For those interested in the arts scene in Ottawa, Mike’s blog “Unfolding” is worth checking out.

  2. I think Mike’s silent finger-to-lips response is politely appropriate. It gets the message across without disrupting your genteel theatre patron dignity.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any dignity. Usually, I whip around and hiss “Shut. UP!” at those chatty bastards.

  3. Nadine’s solution would be the most efficient, and dignity should have nothing to do with it. I once saw a very dignified man, while watching a movie in a South Keys theatre, grab someone’s ringing cellphone and stamp on it. Of course, he was also big.

  4. Sterling and I saw [title of show] on Sunday night. The seniors to my right were so loud. Between every song, she said, “This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen! Can we go?” He said, “No.” I didn’t say anything because they were funny and sort of blended in with the transitions.

    Getting the ambient noise under control is tough. Personally I glare, then shush, and then I break into some form of flamenco routine to get my point across. I can be quite impressive with a pair of castanets. 🙂

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