Better Late than Never: Last Night at the Laff

Well it took me over  a year but I finally got up the courage to play the open stage at the Laff. I can’t really say what motivated me to actually follow through on it this time. I’ve had good intentions for awhile but in the end The Fear usually won out. Something snapped in me yesterday and I decided to give it a go. I wasn’t sure whether to let people know or not (since it was a last minute decision) but in the end I’m glad I did tell a few people.  It was fantastic to be surrounded by friends before, during and post-show.

I had four songs prepared and from this repertoire I intended to play the two that I thought best fit the crowd. I began with a “38 years old” by the Hip (Always a crowd pleaser). Then I switched gears with “Black Boys on Mopeds” by Senead O’Connor. I was willing to let it go there but the host encouraged me to go on. My third song was obscure: the Kaiser Chiefs “Love’s not a Competition but I’m winning”. I kind of blew this one but I doubt anyone there had heard it before. Still I decided to let it go at about a third of a way through it –A minor setback.

I finished with Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees”. This is an old chestnut for me, brought out at many cottage parties since the late 90s. It was a strong finish.

It feels really good to be playing again.  It feels even better to be doing so with the support of friends.


10 responses to “Better Late than Never: Last Night at the Laff

  1. post-fab princess

    Nice choices Wayne! And good for you for doing that. I bet you rocked the house!

    When I saw ‘open stage at Laff’ I thought at first you meant you had done stand-up comedy – something I think would be sooo amazing to try in another life!

    That or ventriloquism. Because I’m creepy that way.

  2. The Laff is how Ottawans refer to the Chateau Lafayette. The building is actually older than the city itself and has changed over the years. Now it’s a decent little pub. I probably could have been clearer and specified that I meant playing guitar and singing. 🙂 I forgot there were many other kinds of open stages out there.

    I would love to see you do some ventriloquism!
    I look forward to that other life. Maybe we’ll even get to live in the same city (I’m thinking Vienna). 🙂

  3. nadinethornhill

    I’m really proud of you for pushing yourself to try something that’s scary. I also plan to start bragging about the fact that I’m friends with a troubled musician. 🙂

    Next time I will be there, front and centre, cheering you on!

    • “troubled musician” nice angle! 🙂

      It would be great to have you there in person. I appreciated the cheering via text all the same. Pretty cool that we were all performing on the same night. You and Jessica with poetry and me with music. Lot’s happening in this town these days.

  4. post-fab princess

    Just so it’s *totally* clear – PFP is never doing any ventriliquisting. I do not advocate it! Nay, I will not stand for it! It is the creepiest thing ever.

    Vienna is my home town! The dorky Ontario one.


    • Maybe in this life but in another life there will totally be a ventriloquisting Austrian PFP with a dummy geared out in J-Crew bashing celebrities for their poor fashion sense. 🙂

      Look out for me: I will probably be an eccentric violinist with a pet wombat.

  5. Sounds like fun! Didn’t know you played – good for you for having the courage to get up there!

  6. I know the draw of the stage and how thrilling and daunting it can be, so I’m so happy that you did this, Wayne. What a healthy little risk to take.

    Next time you should definitely be more public about it, I’m sure the rest of your friends (ahem) would come in droves to clap loudly. 😉

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