Haunted By A Performance

Here’s my latest review up at (Cult)ure magazine. It’s been up for awhile but I got to distracted by my open stage performance at the Laff to post it last week. blood.claat haunted for me for days after it was finished and provoked several great discussions between Kelly (a good friend),  Nadine Thornhill and myself about the play’s themes and politics. These conversations are always fascinating and I really enjoy hearing different perspectives on a play.

This play certainly brought up some issues for me. I believe an artist is certainly under no obligation to create art that is empowering. It is fine to write simply from your experience and put that out into the world. Express yourself however you choose. I do have a problem with the idea that this act alone is somehow political. I have heard the phrase “the personal is political” used often to justify/support this claim. While I believe that relating/recounting a personal experience can be political, it can only do so if there is an attempt to to frame a broader ideology/ objective around the experience.  Any thoughts?


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