Bagels, Photography, and Theatre

I’ve been pretty busy these days working on my play for the Ottawa Fringe Festival and moving into a new apartment in Hintonburgh so I was pleased to learn that there was a cool new photography exhibit going on at the Wellington Bagel Shop. The exhibit features selections from professional photographer Alan Dean‘s extensive theatre portfolio. Alan Dean is nothing less than boon to the Ottawa theatre community and has photographed everything from Great Canadian Theatre Company shows, to University theatre, to Orpheus musicals.

While the photographs can be enjoyed by anyone, they will be of particular interest to those who have been involved in the Ottawa theatre community whether as audience members or performers.

My personal favourite pieces from this show are:

1. The ensemble shot of Ottawa University’s Our Country’s Good. I didn’t see this show and I enjoyed this one strictly as a piece of art. The lighting is quite striking.

2. The shot of Patricia Fagan from GCTC’s production of The Syringa Tree. This is a beautiful image. In my opinion one of the best photos I’ve seen (theatre or otherwise). For those that missed it, here is my review of that show. You can see another great shot from the show as well.

3. Another ensemble shot of the “pink ladies” from Orpheus’ production of Crazy For You

I would love to see a calendar or book of all these images and some of the stories behind them. Lot’s of history here. Known locally as “The Bagel shop”, this establishment has hands down the best bagels in the city as well as a high quality deli. I recommend going for lunch and taking in this fun exhibit.


3 responses to “Bagels, Photography, and Theatre

  1. nadinethornhill

    Mmm…the Bagel Shop makes the best tomato basil sandwiches in the neighbourhood. Come to think of it, I haven’t had one in awhile. Alan’s exhibit is the perfect excuse to stroll down to Wellington and grab some lunch with my art!

  2. Thanks for the kind review. Unfortunately I have removed the GCTC part of the exhibition. They wanted me to pay an Equity fee to display their images. I felt it would be better to take them down .

    • Thanks for taking the time to drop by and comment Alan. I must admit I’m a little puzzled why the union would want a fee given the facts:

      1. You are not charging for the exhibit or selling the images. You are just displaying them.

      2. This is free publicity for both the Great Canadian Theatre Company and the equity actors in the images.

      3. Many of these images were used in the press releases and are floating around on public formats. Like (Cult)ure.

      The whole thing is silly. I long for the day when people ,whether unions, theatres, or whoever, stop placing obstacles to an event that is clearly to the benefit of all!

      I completely respect your decision to honour the GCTC’s/CAEA wishes and take the photos down. Some fights just aren’t worth it.

      Hope to hear from you again,

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