Web Site Launch

I have launched a new Web site for my Fringe show Prisoner’s Dilemma. It’s organized into three tabs.

1. Here is the Home page with my fancy new logo: Link

2. Here is the info.  about the show (show times, plot synopsis etc): Link

3. Here is a cool behind the scenes blog where we will tell the story of creating the production with pics (and soon)video will be up here. Link

Check it out!


2 responses to “Web Site Launch

  1. Love the new logo! Though the blogspot format looks a bit odd.

    I can’t wait to see this show.

    • I agree. Web site design is not really a strength of mine, but I’m learning. I’m told the blogspot format is highly customizable so I’ll be tweaking it as we go. If anyone has some advice or is willing to volunteer some time to make this look more professional. I would welcome the help.

      I love the logo too. It was designed by Jason Lutes. http://www.jaylutes.com/

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