Tying Up Loose Ends

Well I’m over due for a blog post so here it is:

Many have been asking me privately what happened to Home in Time. I decided I might as well respond publicly. The short answer is I cancelled it back in July for several reasons. Basically, I ran out of time. I wanted at least 5 weeks of rehearsal time. We were down to 4 weeks at the time of cancelation. I was also hoping to find a second one act (or something of similar length) to partner with the show and split the venue cost. While there was some interest, at the point of the decision/deadline for cancelation I had yet to receive a commitment.

The budget for the show including salaries for the cast and crew was two thousand dollars. Ultimately, I was unwilling to invest that because I wasn’t convinced that I had enough time to pull the show off to my standards.

I still gained a lot from the experience. I met a lot of actors in the community and expanded my contact list for future productions. I met one woman who is eager to volunteer for the company and that is very flattering.

Also, the prep work I put into the script I can still use if/when I produce the show. In all honesty, that work is a good exercise in itself. I would have preferred to keep the momentum going that I started with Prisoner’s Dilemma but I know that I made the right decision here.

On a positive note: Les Guerriers grabbed the time slot at Studio Leonard-Beaulne (my venue). I’m glad they did. It was a solidly entertaining piece of theatre and has inspired me to see more French plays this year.


2 responses to “Tying Up Loose Ends

  1. I really hope that you be back in the proverbial director’s chair again very soon. You have clear, creative ideas and good instincts about how to deal with people, two traits that would stand any director in good stead. If and when the circumstances allow, I for one, would love to see your vision for Home In Time

  2. Thanks Nadine. My focus right now is on finding a day job (read: gov’t contract), but once that is taken care of I would love to get back into the director’s chair.

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