Ben Cameron on the Performing Arts

This is a must watch for anyone interested in the arts whether as audience or performers/creators. Cameron raises a lot for discussion: The current model for the performing arts is broken and out of date and yet the future is bright.

I was particularly struck by his revelations about the overwhelming amount of pro-ams (professional amateurs)creating professional work. The Hybrid artist subverting the contemporary polarization of the amateur/professional. “We now live in a world dominated not by consumption but by participation.”

Cameron feels that Art combined with political advocacy/social change which is already changing the world will continue to grow and that this will increase the importance of the performing arts.

In Camerons’s view this does not exclude a place for the current institutions (though they must change out of their ossified models based on 19th century practices and models) but these institutions will no longer define the industry. They are a small piece (and growing smaller) of a much larger puzzle.

Any thoughts?

Here’s the video:

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