Warts and All: Wayne and Jay’s cover of Paper Thin Walls

I have been watching the musical video posts from Sterling and others for awhile now. I’ve kind of always wanted to do one but have never gotten around to it. Old perfectionist tendencies got it in the way. Yesterday, good friend of mine, guitar virtuoso, Jason Lutes stopped by for a jam, so I finally decided to put the camera on my macbook pro to use.

I’ve always envied Jay’s ability to listen to a song and then be able to play it. For Jay this is like breathing. Music comes much slower to me. To be honest, my brain doesn’t retain even my own songs for very long.

I also learn songs more visually. In this video you can see me watching Jay’s fingers,  to figure out where we are. Any other musicians out there? Do you play more by ear? or more by sight?

This video is far from perfect. It had been a couple months since Jay and I had last played together and as usual I had forgotten all the songs I learned last time. We played this one through a couple times and then just recorded it in one take.

Jay made the observation that we are much more relaxed now in our thirties than we were in our twenties. Back then, we would have tried to make it perfect. If it couldn’t be perfect then we wouldn’t share it.  In hindsight, this was a huge mistake. Here’s to the dawning of a new era!

Wayne and Jay’s cover of Paper Thin Walls by Modest Mouse:


13 responses to “Warts and All: Wayne and Jay’s cover of Paper Thin Walls

  1. SQUEEE!

    I LOVE this! Like seriously, big fat tacky velour covered box of chocolates LOVE it!

    The song is catchy and I’m not musical, so I’m impressed to hell that you just jammed this out in one afternoon. But mostly, I’m super-happy that you pushed passed your perfectionist filter and shared something that you created, however unpolished!

    Please post more things like this!

  2. This is me clicking on the “like” button on Nadine’s comment.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Nadine. I’m glad you liked it. That one is a cover of a band called Modest Mouse. Eventually, I would like to throw up an original, but I haven’t written one in a really long time (over a decade). In all fairness, I’m having fun doing our versions of others people’s stuff right now. If we get a set list, you might even see us at a local tavern in Hintonburg in a few months.

  4. I love Modest Mouse. You’ve got mad props from me on that one.

  5. I like it! I should sing louder though (that’s always been a problem of mine). But we look cool, which is the most important part of playing music.

  6. Hey technical question — was that just your laptop mic picking up the sound?

  7. We’ll have to record again soon. What do you say, Radiohead’s “Lucky” or an all out funk version of Stairway to Heaven?

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