Tree Men

It’s been slow on the government contract front so when my friend Rob asked me if I would help him out with some tree work I eagerly accepted.

Most of my employment has been sitting at a desk in recent years.  I wasn’t sure how I would fare with intense manual labour. I was pleasantly surprised.

It was nice to work outside and we were fortunate that for most of the days we worked it was actually above 0 degrees celsius. This is pretty much ideal for tree work. You can gain the protection of heavy clothing but don’t have to worry about getting too hot.

The work itself is actually a lot more diverse than I realized. Rob handled everything that involved skill (climbing trees and chain sawing, directing us on the ground). My job was to use ropes to pass equipment up to him, refuel the saws as they emptied, lowering limbs and chunks of the tree safely, and removing the debris. All these diverse tasks and making sure we were being safe kept my brain actively engaged.

Local writer and blogger Sterling Lynch was also recruited to help with 2 particularly large and difficult trees (one a spruce and the other a walnut).

Tree Man Sterling Lynch clearing some heavy debris (photo by Wayne Current)

I was also surprised to discover just how entertaining tree clearing is for the residents. The home owners were eager to talk to Rob to be part of the experience. They watched with interest from their windows complimenting Rob afterwards for his nimbleness in the tree limbs. Neighbors would also stop and watch as they went about their daily business.  There is obviously something compelling, on a primal level, about men taking down a tree. One person even stopped his bike for a good 20 minutes to check out the excitement.

Tree Boss Rob in a Walnut tree (photo by Wayne Current)


In the photo above, you can get a sense for why people find this work fun to watch. There you can see Rob surveying the scene from his perch in the walnut. All these limbs would eventually come down via ropes followed  by parts of the trunk.

I enjoyed my time as a Tree man. It’s getting close to the end of the season but I wouldn’t hesitate to work for Rob again. He is patient, skilled, and most importantly safe.

Here’s his card. If you have any tree work you need done give him a call or check out his Web site here.

Kijiji: Wright Tree Service


2 responses to “Tree Men

  1. nadinethornhill

    Given your theatrical inclinations and the apparent drawing power of tree work, I think you’ve got a unique and profitable busking opportunity on your hands.


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