Work in Progress (Wayne’s California Song)

If this were a short story it would be a first draft. I wrote it a few years ago, but when Jay asked about it during our last jam session I forgot how it went. That’s pretty typical for me. Fortunately, I now have Garage Band and Youtube to help me remember my work.

As it stands, this one is a very simple song, but I think everyone in Ottawa (or any other place where it’s cold in the winter) will be able to relate to it. That’s Jason Lutes on guitar (on the left) and me on the right. This version is still a little rough, but I thought it would be fun to post it anyway. Warning: we kind of missed the last note on this one. Feedback is always welcome. The song still needs a few tweaks and I promise to post the finished piece here when it is done. Here is your chance to chime in and influence the crafting of a new tune. Any suggestions? Comments on the creative process are also welcome. Is it wise to share unfinished work? How do you feel?


7 responses to “Work in Progress (Wayne’s California Song)

  1. It’s there for posterity!
    I think a surf sounding slide guitar would add something to it. Maybe a slide guitar solo to add some length to it?

  2. I think a solo of some kind is definitely in order.

  3. My favourite parts were (in ascendingg order of favouritism):

    2. “…With my friends…who hang ten…”

    1. The cool-guy hair sweep!

  4. When you try not to laugh, you do a cool-guy hair sweep. When I try not to laugh, I sneeze and/or spray juice out of my nose.

  5. Both the hair sweep and nose spray are cool.
    We’ll have to jam this weekend. How about sunday?

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