An excellent post by Nadine Thornhill: Do The Right Thing: My son’s first play (via )

Nadine Thornhill wrote an excellent post recently about her son’s first theatrical experience. I attended a different performance, but, like Nadine, I was also very impressed with many of the strategies Once Upon a Kingdom used to engage with the audience. Nadine mentions most of them in her post:

Snacks for sale pre and post show, an opportunity for kids/adults to meet the actors on stage and see the set and costumes up close, acting classes and workshops for kids interested in giving theatre a try.

It was also obvious by the large audience attendance that this company has found their niche and been embraced by a community.  This company is aware that selling a show has to take place long before opening night and because of all this hard work, was rewarded with full houses for all their performances.

Check out Nadine’s post for her perspective. It’s a great read!

Do The Right Thing: My son's first play My little boy has been coming to the theatres with me since he was two weeks old.   As an infant, I carted him to rehearsals, classes and improv workshops.  He’s combed through dressing rooms before performances and climbed around backstage after the curtain call.  But this past Sunday was the first time he actually saw a play. My kid is one active, sometimes hyper-active little person.   He loves quick and active pursuits.  He’s began running a … Read More



2 responses to “An excellent post by Nadine Thornhill: Do The Right Thing: My son’s first play (via )

  1. nadinethornhill

    Thank you so much for reblogging my original post. I think your additional point about OUaK identifying a target audience to serve is a great observation.

  2. It’s a great post and I enjoyed reading it and re-blogging it. In fact, I plan to do a little more re-blogging (along with a little commentary from myself) this year. I’ve noticed that very few people use my blog roll but when I direct people to a specific post they are much more likely to follow the link. Kind of a no brainer.

    Well that and it saves me writing my own content every week 🙂

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