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Nancy has written a post (see below) on how she is enjoying her life has a contract worker, which for her is a new experience. I’ve been a contract worker for the last 4 years and while contracts have their drawbacks, generally this lifestyle appeals to me as well. I am quite content to work for roughly 9 months out of a year (usually for the Federal gov’t) and have 3 months or so to pursue freelance writing and other creative projects (like my 2010 Fringe show).

Maybe eventually I will find a place where I enjoy the work so much that I want to make it a more permanent situation. So far that hasn’t happened and I’m enjoying working in a variety of different places doing fairly diverse tasks. I also like the freedom of knowing when a job will end and that it will end. This way I don’t feel trapped by work and can explore the things that interest me but also not have to worry about whether or not I’ll have money for rent or food.

That being said, it’s not all gravy and until farily recently (I’ve got a steady gig now), 2010 was a tough year to be a contract worker. Fortunately, I had enough saved to survive the longer than usual dry spell without incurring debt. If you are going to pursue this lifestyle, you have to be prepared to save during the times of plenty so you have enough to support yourself during the lean times.

Here is an exerpt and link to Nancy’s post:

In the past, when I wasn’t working I was usually on employment insurance. All that ended in early January, coincidentally right around the time I started rehearsals for Little Martyrs. You could say that I’ve been a contract worker ever since. This is definitely a new situation for me, having absolutely no guaranteed income coming in, but it’s not a bad thing. My focus is shifting to projects that really interest me and, somehow, the work is comi … Read More

via So You Want To Be An Actor? (REDUX)


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