Postcards From the Fringe Part 2

Fringe Courtyard. Photo courtesy of the Ottawa Fringe Festival

Well, I’ve sampled every beer available at the beer tent, lost track of the days, and seen a whole lot of theatre. Clearly, the Fringe Festival is well underway. Over the last week I’ve been really fortunate to have also met a bunch of really cool people including Brent Hirose  SUCKERPUNCH, Katie Hood, from the Animal Show, Mikaela Dyke from Dying Hard, And RC Weslowski from The Wet Dream Catcher. For me, half the fun of Fringe is meeting new people and the beer tent provides a great place, for performers and audiences, to mingle as equals.

Here are a few of my highlights from the last few days:

Last night: Was my favourite Fringe Beer Tent event. Karaoke night! I enthusiastically belted out a hard core rendition of the Smashing Pumpkins “Bullet With Butterfly Wings.” Other’s sang an eclectic mix of show tunes, pop ballads, and rock songs. Good times!

Also, I finally got around to seeing Katie Hood’s the Animal Show. I wish I saw this one earlier so I could have given it an earlier endorsement. Hood is a gifted storyteller and The Animal Show is a powerful recount of her experiences working as an animal hospital rescuer.  It’s an insightful window into a life few of us experience.I laughed a lot but was also quite moved by her story. Go see it.

Day ? (possibly Sunday): I was completely blown away by Nancy Kenny’s newest creation Roller Derby Saved My Soul. This is Kenny’s strongest performance to date. Her comic timing is impeccable. This show is in my top 3 favourite shows for this year’s Fringe. The woman performs on roller skates people! Enough said.

In the same day, I also enjoyed Subnormality. Based on a web comic, this play presents a series of vignettes (many of them humorous) about the “weirdness of human nature.” I love that this one is also a benefit performance for Jer’s Vision (an anti-bullying organization). It’s nice to see performers working with charities to make our communities a better place to live. For that reason alone, it’s worth your support.

So what’s next on my list to see? I fully intend to check out Am I Blue by New York performer Elizabeth Blue, Dying Hard, by Mikaela Dyke, RC Weslowski’s  The Wet Dream Catcher and FRUITCAKE:Ten Commandments From the Psyche ward by Rob Gee.

I hope I’ve inspired some of you to come down to the festival and check out some shows too. You know where to find me if you want to talk about a show or recommend something to see. Happy Fringing everyone!


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