The Conventions of Theatre, the Aesthetic, and Living. (via Movement)

Sterling has started an interesting conversation on how the aesthetic conventions of theatre  create a ritual that opens the audience up to an empathetic experience. An experience that might not be possible in our regular lives. I’ve chimed in with my thoughts in the comment section. I figured rather than recap them here I would just put up a link. I’m curious to see what others will say as well.

In theatre, it seems to me, much of the craft exists to overcome the obstacles created by the conventions of theatre itself. No, we are not in a darkened black box watching a rehearsed performance by one or more actors; we are, we all hope and pretend, somewhere else very different. Even meta-theatrical antics that call attention to the artificiality of theatrical conventions seems to me to be a conceptual variant of clever set design. I know you … Read More

via Movement


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