Postcards from the 2012 Fringe Part 3

The Fringe festival closes today. Congratulations to all the volunteers, artists, and organizers for making it such a success! For those of you who still want to catch a show, it’s not too late. Along with the regularly scheduled shows, at 9:00 p.m. tonight there will be a bonus show for the productions that sold the most tickets during the first four days of the festival. Here’s a link to this years Best in Fest winners!

Of the winners, I particularly enjoyed Wanderlust by Martin Dockery.  Dockery is a compelling story-teller who tells tales from his travels in West Africa. It’s funny, energetic and intelligent. Well worth seeing.

I was also very impressed with Vernus says SURPRISE created by Ken Godmere. Choreographed to a soundscape, Godmere plays an octogenarian in search of a gift for his granddaughter. Godmere’s timing is impeccable. Vernus is unquestionably a technically well executed production.

Yesterday, I finally got around to seeing Hip-Hop Shakespeare by Melanie Karin, David Benedict Brown. I’m glad I went. Both Karin and Brown  know their hip-hop and their Shakespeare very well. If you are into either check this one out today at 4:30 p.m. or when it goes on tour!

Tonight is your last chance to catch some shows! Make it happen!


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