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They Can’t All Be Gems

Well another review is up. Re-reading this one, it is quite honestly not my best work. I’m happy with what I said, but not happy with the way I said it. Lots of awkward sentences, it doesn’t “flow” very well and on the whole it feels unpolished (link). My perfectionist self is not at all pleased with my creative self for producing a piece of work that I feel is not up to my usual standard.

However, I’m trying something new and will instead try to focus on the positives rather than the negatives:

1. I went to a play with a friend and had a great time.

2. I made a little beer money.

3. I took advantage of the free food at intermission.

4. I enjoyed “playing writer” at Bridgehead

5. Got a blog post out of it.

6. I reviewed a show that really didn’t get much coverage aside from my review.

Ultimately, I have to come to terms with the fact that occasionally I will fail. ┬áMy new maxim with my review writing will be “they can’t all be gems” in an attempt to avoid my old creative maxim “quit at the first sign of adversity”.

Though the other demon lurking in the shadows of my mind (possibly the reason for my failure) is that I haven’t been in the reviewing mood recently. This is a concern, as I have one last one to write. Clearly, I need to find some way to make it fresh again. Any thoughts or suggestions?