Monthly Archives: November 2011

Played Out

I’ve decided to take a month, or two, away from reviewing theatre. In all honesty, I haven’t really been blown away by a production since The Ottawa Fringe and Magnetic North theatre festivals. I always enjoy the theatre festivals. Perhaps, if I had been equally inspired by the product on the main stages in town, I wouldn’t need this break.

Unfortunately, I’ve hit a saturation point where I no longer feel like writing about theatre and, as you can probably tell from my latest review, even the experience of watching plays has been less than enjoyable recently. In short, it’s just not doing it for me and it’s time for a break.

Outside of the arts world, my life is also busy these days. I’ve secured a full-time writing gig with a government department for a few months and I’ve got a few small freelance editing jobs that I’ve taken on the side.

I still have lots to keep me occupied in the arts world. In fact, I plan to check out more music events (improvisational jazz, indie rock, DJs). I will also be poking around in galleries and pursuing my personal creative writing projects. I will also continue to update this blog.  Life is good.

Thanks for reading!