About the Many Faces of Wayne

Well here’s how it all started. I’ve always been a lazy photographer. Documenting my life in pictures is just not something I have done. I’m not afraid of having my picture taken or anything. I just can’t be bothered to make the effort.  Because of this quirk, I’ve hung onto the various government ID’s I’ve been issued over the years.  I actually carry them around in my wallet even though most of them have expired.

Sometime during grad. school, at the local university pub, during a lull in the conversation (I’ve never been able to tolerate a vacuum of silence) I pulled them out. I knew intuitively that my friends would get a kick out of the various versions of me (long haired Wayne, bearded Wayne, clean cut Wayne).  This act was partially putting myself on display, which being an extravert I enjoyed but it was also a way of sharing myself to encourage others to do the same. It was well received and many at the table volunteered ID photos of their own. For the rest of the year I would rejoice when a new person joined our table at the pub so I could ask them “If they would like to see the Many Faces of Wayne?”  It became “a Thing.”  For awhile I was encouraged and then eventually it got a little tiring for all concerned.

This blog will be a new version of this game. I will post on my various interests, ideas, and musings.  In other words, all the different aspects that make up my personality, The Many Faces of Wayne.  I encourage everyone to comment and share your thoughts, jokes, and feelings with me as well. I’m looking forward to seeing where this will go.

Want to play?


One response to “About the Many Faces of Wayne

  1. When are you going to come write for Local Tourist Ottawa? 🙂


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